(n.) one who supports or promotes another’s interests

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The law is an important part of today’s world. Everyone ends up facing it at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the legal process is often expensive, confusing, and intimidating. The key to keeping your sanity through a legal ordeal is to work with an attorney you can trust. My goal is to become that attorney for you.
“I’m here to serve you”


People Have Said:

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    Thanks, John!
    Ann N
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    John was great to work with. He was very attentive, patient and thorough. These great qualities helped us get a positive outcome. I would seek his services again and refer him to others.
    Roze N.
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    John was very thorough, helpful and guided me through the process. I appreciated his hard work, patience, and ability to explain things to me.
    Scott H.
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    John has been great. He has helped me with two cases and represented me well. I was informed of the process the entire time and had consistent updates with the cases.
    Jared L.

A Small-Town Lawyer in the Big City

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Someone who knows the law, but most importantly knows you.

Before you spend a sleepless night worrying, pick up the phone and call your guy – me.  Being a Portland small business owner myself, I know what you’re facing – and I know the ins and outs of the law.

Let’s get started building a business relationship now.


My Friends Call Me John Bang

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I studied philosophy at Reed College and received my law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. But I believe that what qualifies me most to represent you is that I have encountered a diverse set of experiences. Whether it be religious, political, social, or cultural, I believe it is the diversity of ideas that I have engaged over the years that enables me to be empathetic and creative when it comes to advocating the interests of my clients.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my (non-traditional) family. Many of my family members and I have a number of businesses together (coffee, cigar, rafting, construction). That’s why I went into law and that’s also how I understand what it is like to start and manage a business.

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